2021 Art Fair August 7 & 8
Elm Pointe, 1.5 miles north of East Jordan on M66

Elm Pointe Estate

At the point where Monroe Creek winds its way to the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix stands a lovely park.  Elm Pointe, the original site of a pioneer homestead, later became an estate consisting of eleven acres, a residence and lodge.  This estate was granted to the City of East Jordan by owners Dr. and Mrs. George Westgate, on June 30, 1972; and gratefully accepted by the city “on the basis that all said property shall be used and devoted exclusively for public purposes.”  In 1999, Elm Pointe was designed Michigan Historic Site #2004.

During the summer months the small beach and picnic areas are immensely popular.  The buildings, too, are fully utilized.  The main residence, with its summer home atmosphere, is an ideal setting for meetings, family reunions, showers, weddings and recitals.  The main floor of the lodge houses the East Jordan Portside Art and Historical Museum.  The museum has artifacts from the lumbering era, an excellent agricultural exhibit, E.J. and Southern Railroad memorabilia, a salute to the military and local manufacturing, as well as new exhibits each year.  Adjacent to the museum is the Cygred Riley Art Gallery with its impressive collection of Purchase Prize paintings and crafts (1971 to 2018) from the annual Portside Arts Fair.  The Fair is always held on the grounds the first full weekend of August. It offers audiences a juried selection of fine arts in a setting that celebrates man’s inspiration by nature and the desire to share that inspiration with others in a spirit of community.

The Portside Arts Fair

The fair is sponsored by the East Jordan Historical Society.  Admission is free, however, all donations made at the gate benefit the Historical Society. 

There are public restrooms located on site.  

The East Jordan Portside Art and Historical Society museum is open to the public from June through September.  Admission is free, donations are appreciated. Handicap accessible.

Gift Shop:
Portside art and historical society merchandise is available for purchase.

There is a small sandy beach on the property with picnic tables and BBQ grills.